What is it? : Fingers getting stuck while opening and suddenly opening with a click sound when pushed is called trigger finger.

Causes : It is the mostly seen in the thumb. Although can be seen in everyone, it is most common in women over 40 years old. It may also be congenital. Trigger finger is fingers getting stuck in the tunnels at the level where finger flexor tendons are joint with comb bones in the palm. The cause is thickening in the region where the tendon passes through this tunnel for an unknown reason. This thickening section remains attached to the mouth of the tunnel while the patient is about to open his/her finger, and the finger remains attached in the same manner. A clicking sound is heard by pushing and the finger suddenly opens. This is called triggering. Sometimes the fingers are locked and only opened with the help of the other hand.

Clinically, it begins as suspicious pains in the palm of the hand or on the thumb pad. In time, especially in the mornings, it starts to flare up, but after a while it passes. As the disease progresses, the entrapment becomes obvious and painful. In the congenital type, the thumb is bent in shape. It cannot be opened by force, and is painful.

Diagnosis : Diagnosis is made by examination.

In Treatment : Cortisone injections in the palm in early period are beneficial. In advanced cases, Treatment is done by surgery. The operation can be done by closed and open method. The structure which prevents movement of the tendon is loosened by surgery. It is an operation that does not require hospitalization.

Finger movements are immediately normal after the operation and patients may begin to use their fingers painlessly after 12-24 hours. Heavy and hard work is not recommended for 4-6 weeks.