What is it? : Inside the bones are cysts that are filled with fluid, slow-moving, with expanding characteristic. It is mostly seen during childhood and adolescence. More frequent in boys. The cysts are most commonly found in the upper part of arm bones and femur. It is mostly located in the metaphyseal (tip) region of the bone. We classify these cysts as active cysts and latent cysts according to their growth status. Active cysts are leaning against the growth plate and can expand slowly and fill up all the metaphyses. For this reason, there is a risk of pathological fracture. As it moves away from the growth plate, growth in the cysts slows down and we are call these latent cysts.

Causes : Although it is not known exactly how these cysts occur, it is believed that the bone grows due to venous occlusion in the rapidly growing metaphoric region.

Clinical : Clinical findings in many simple bone cysts are absent. It is detected on radiographs incidentally taken for another reason. In large cysts, pain and pathological fractures can be used to contact us in situations where the bone is overloaded.

In Diagnosis : In addition to radiography, MRI, CT or Bone scintigraphy may be required.

Treatment : While small bone cysts are only being followed, cysts that cover the bone and increase the risk of fracture require treatment. This cyst needs to be filled with bones in order to prevent a possible fracture in the bones. During this operation, bone tissue may be removed from another part of the person, or surgically implanted with external bone grafts.