What is it? : The nerve entrapment at the wrist level, that is, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, is the entrapment of the median nerve going to hand when passing through carpal tunnel by surrounding sheath and structures. It is more common in women and in the age range of 40-60 years.

Causes : despite being a problem seen in those doing handwork in the same position for prolonged times (such as computer use, iron work, playing piano), it can also occur due to problems in connection with age, arthritis and fatty tissue problems.

Clinical : Findings of nerve entrapment may vary from person to person. In the initial period, there are hand weakness, fatigue and tingling in the first 3 fingers. As the disease progresses, the pain becomes exacerbated, numbness begins on the fingers. This pain can sometimes be so severe as to wake up at night.

For Diagnosis : Clinical findings and patient complaints are sufficient. EMG, that is nerve conduction test, can be used as a supplement.

In Treatment : In the initial period, wrist movements are restricted and anti-inflammatory drugs are given. In some cases, steroid injections can be made. It is necessary to treat with open, mini open and endoscopic surgical methods in cases where these complaints continue despite these applications.

Post-operative complaints do not go away immediately. There is a marked decrease in complaints after 1 month. Full recovery may vary from 3 to 6 months, depending on the injury to the nerve. In severe and late-onset cases, complaints may not be fully recovered with the decrease.