What is it? : When the femur head is deprived of blood support due to veins feeding the femur head are blocked, or for other reasons, the bone cells in that area die and this leads to necrosis. The articular cartilage that is healthy at the beginning becomes necrotic and the arthritis plate develops. Since the necrotic process is difficult to prevent, treatment of the disease is very difficult and troublesome.

Causes : Trauma, circulatory problems, excessive steroid use, alcoholism, sickle cell anemia, decompression sickness are among the most common causes of illness.

Clinical : The disease usually has bilateral involvement. The initial period is usually asymptomatic. The first finding in patients is pain. Pain is often felt in the groin area. Limitations in joint movements are seen in the following periods. In further findings, complaints about a clicking sound in some movements begin. In the last periods, the pain is exacerbated, joint movements are disturbed.

Diagnosis : The graphs taken in the front and back frog leg positions of both hips are important for diagnosis. If the lesion cannot be seen with graph, scintigraphy and MR techniques are performed.

In Treatment : The first goal is to detect and treat the cause of the disease by early diagnosis and to protect the existing anatomy. Depending on the stage of the disease, only follow-up and drug treatment can be performed, and different surgical techniques such as vascular and non-vascular grafting, osteotomy, partial arthroplasty, total arthroplasty can be used.