What is it? : The foot is a disease in which the toe of the toe rises outward in the thumb region and is seen with the protrusion on the inside.

Causes : It is suggested that the development of this deformity is caused by the long wearing of narrow, front pointed shoe in many patients. Some people think that the presence of this deformity in the family may be a genetic transition. It’s 9 times more common in females. It is also a common deformity in patients with flat foot, cerebral palsy, polio and rheumatoid arthritis.

Clinically, when this bulge is squeezed in the shoe, it causes redness and pain in the skin. Over time, the vesicle under the skin, called the bursa, blisters and the pain and swelling increases. The thumb is pushed over or under the second finger over time.

The diagnosis can be made through imaging of the foot. However, radiographs are also used to evaluate bone and joint conditions.

Treatment : The first approach to treatment without surgery is the use of shoes that the patient will be comfortable with. The shoe should be of sufficient width and the tip area should not be narrow. In a great majority of cases, the pain is removed with proper footwear. To reduce pain, interdigital reel, interdigital silicone, or night braces may be beneficial. But these cannot cure the deformity. The main principle of treatment is the correction of pressure defect which is deformed due to deformity of the thumb. Again with special made insoles, the wrong pressing of the patients due to this deformity are corrected. The areas that carry too much load on their feet are tried to be restored to equal balance. Surgical treatment methods are planned for patients who cannot benefit from these. Repetition is virtually non-existent due to proper operation selection and techniques.