What is it? : It is a health problem that is common in children and causes permanent disability if not diagnosed and treated early. The disruption of the relation of femur head in the hip joint with acetabulum, which is its slot, at various degrees is called the DDH. In these degrees, if there is a full dislocation, the femur head is completely out of slot. There is an incomplete contact between the joint surfaces, if it is out in half. The acetabulum and femur head were developed inadequately in the form called dysplasia.

Causes : It’s more common in those with family stories and girls. It is most commonly seen in the left hip. The use of swaddle increases the frequency of occurrence. Clinical: The reason for the application of the parents is mostly that the baby cannot open the hips, the skin folds on the legs being different and hobbling in the walking phase.

In Diagnosis : USG and radiography are used in physical examination. Physical examination can provide diagnosis in the first few months. We can evaluate that the hip is dislocated and relocated. In the following months, it is noteworthy that the folds of the skin are different, the limitation of the opening of the hips, and the leg length is different. In the post-walking period, the foot on the dislocated side presses outwards and there is limping. USG is useful in the first 6 months. Radiography leads us in the stage of diagnosis and treatment after 6th month.

In treatment : In the early diagnosis, PAVLIK bandage is used in the first 6 months. Follow up is made by USG. Usually this treatment is good. If pavlik bandage was not successful or if the baby is older than 6 months, closed reduction surgery and plastering are used in the treatment. Bone surgeries are needed if the case is caught after 18 months of age is reached. Slightly successful results can be obtained from these surgeries until 6 years of age.